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Project Consultancy

For the seller:
Our Managing Director, Paul Helbling, studied architect and builder, will gladly inspect your property and advise you with an expert opinion on the sales price. Your property should be sold quickly – and this works only with a fair-market price. If you want to make your property “attractive” for the sale, then IMMOBILENBOUTIQUE is the correct contact too. We will develop with you a plan and set up craftsmen and gardeners of our company. This work is supervised by us.

For buyers:
We only search for properties, which match your expectations – and have a comprehensible price. Our philosophy is that both, buyer and seller, should be contented with the sale. And if you have rebuilding plans, we will be glad to help you. Our architect and managing director of IMMOBILIENBOUTIQUE, Paul Helbling, draws the desired plans, employs experienced craftsmen of our partner companies and controls all works – whether in the house or in the garden. We have only one goal: our clients should be highly pleased.